Wearable technology, wearable devices, are smart electronic devices (electronic device with micro-controllers) that can be incorporated into clothing or worn on the body as implants or accessories. Starting from a humble watch in 1500s, this device over the period, metamorphosed from being worn as necklace to pocket watch to wristwatch to head mounted devices and now into clothing (e-Textiles).

    Various modes of wearables technologies including:

  • Smartwatches - These devices once paired with mobile devices works as an extension of mobile devices
  • Entertainment - Devices providing immersive digital experiences through virtual reality headset, augmented reality glasses,
  • Fitness Tracker - Track heart rate, blood pressure, physical activities like walking, running to provide data on calories burnt
  • Healthcare - Devices monitoring user-health parameters covering -
    • Diagnostic & Monitoring Devices
    • Therapeutic Devices including Pain Management and Rehabilitation Devices, Respiratory Therapy Devices, Insulin Pumps and drug delivery systems
  • Smart Clothing & Fashion - Garments and accessories that combines aesthetics and style with functional technology providing endless possibilities for dynamic customizations and use cases of apparel be it fashion, purpose (Intelligent Fire & Harmful Gas- detection suits and function (Sports wear, smart bra, baby health monitoring suits)
Wearable App Development Services


At Accemy, we help customer to transform through the immense possibilities provided by wearable technology. We provide tailored solutions in the area of wearable devices, analyzing your necessities and designing prototypes to test concepts so they can be validated before being put into production. We work with our customer together as a strategic and technological expert partner sharing the risks and profits of opportunities in wearable solutions

    Our Consulting Services:

  • Development (iOS & Android)
  • UI/UX Design and Consulting
  • Support & Maintenance
    Platform Technology Expertise:

  • Apple WatchKit SDK
  • Android - Wear OS App Development
  • Google VR SDK for Unity 3D


  • Wearable App Development for iOS and Android
  • App Development for wearable devices
  • Wearables User Experience and Interface Design
  • Wearable App UI/UX Design
  • Custom App Development for Wearable Devices